We offer RFID chip timing services at an affordable rate.

For events like a marathon, 10K or a 5K we can time it for $4.50 per person.  If your group is a non profit or the event donates to a non profit then we will time your event for $3.50 per person. Contact us with form below to get started.

Want to time a multisport event with multiple timing points? Use the form below to tell us more about your event and we can get you a quote.

We use Hutag chips with Velcro ankle straps.  These chips are water proof and durable. These chips can be attached in different ways so if you have a bike race or an SUP race we can accommodate.

Contact US for more information.

Maybe your event is very small and you don’t even need RFID timing we can offer a tap timing services or show your people how to do it.